summer paradise

"I don’t want you to call or text me, don’t try to make me happy,
don’t give me a glimmer of hope just
for it to come crashing back down again. I want to be left in silence I want you to forget about me, move on that way everything ends peacefully just like I always wanted. Oh how hypocritical of me to want to leave behind the pain and sadness when infact ill just be passing it onto you, making you feel exactly how I felt. And I know you’ll be sad and I know you care but that doesn’t make it any better , and I think that’s the saddest part of all.”

lifes not faaaaaaiiiir :(

lifes not faaaaaaiiiir :(

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You need to watch this. Only 30 minutes of your life can change a child’s forever. Joseph Kony is wrong, and he needs to be stopped.

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